About Procurement Gurus

We are a Professional Procurement Services company based out of Mullingar, Ireland aiming to help SME's across Europe and the UK realise true value add through implementation of fundamental procurement principals.

Founded in 2021 - we saw a particular need for procurement services and with our structured approach and strong templates, we aim to help businesses across Europe and the UK achieve maximum value through all of their purchases. Obtaining the optimal deal and mitigating risks are what we are helping business achieve.

Our services include one-off sourcing activities, we will run any RFX or benchmarking activity for your business. Consultancy service - we have industry specific backgrounds in Telecoms, Construction, Oil & Gas, Marketing, Professional Services and Facilities Management and access to a global network of procurement professionals. We also offer a full outsourced Procurement as a Service.

Get in touch today to set up a call with Procurement Gurus to discuss how we can help your business maximise the potential of your spend and mitigate risks.

 About Us

  • Procurement Gurus is a Procurement Services company offering a complete end to end procurement as a service package to Irish SME’s in all sectors.
  • Driving efficiency and adding value for clients through strategic procurement development and by utilisation of the latest technology.
  • Full Details Coming soon.

A little bit of History

Procurement Gurus was founded in 2021 by Luke Moore with the main goal of helping SME's achieve the creation of a strategic and competent procurement function using an "off the shelf" type model.

Due to the huge and growing demand for Procurement services, salaries have skyrocketed and there is a shortage of Procurement Professionals available. Procurement Gurus aim to solve this problem by having clear, structured policies and goals in place to assist clients in achieving their businesses procurement requirements. 

Our Procurement as a Service package is an outsourced procurement service model that implements a structured way of working and embeds itself within clients existing teams to ensure a successful integration of the procurement function.

Our ambition is to see a procurement team within every SME in Europe and the UK with a spend above €25M and we have a clear path of how to get there.


Procurement Gurus was founded in 2021 with the goal of helping SME's achieve the creation of a strategic and competent procurement function using an "off the shelf" type model.

Ethical Sourcing

Procurement Gurus ensure ethical sourcing standards are used across all of our activities.

Procurement as a Service

Our Procurement as a Service package is tailored to suit your business needs.

The package is an outsourced procurement service that includes implementation of a full procurement function including all associated policies, strategies and systems and has a full time dedicated resource to manage the account with access to the depth of knowledge with the rest of the Procurement Gurus team.  

eRFX - One-off Activity

Our eRFX service is there for any of your businesses one-off needs such as benchmarking rates to ensure supplier competitiveness, or for a full RFP (Request for Proposal) for any of your business needs no matter how simple or complex. 

Our eRFX Service is fully supported by one of our Procurement Gurus team to ensure you get the best results possible.


Thinking about a transformation project within your business? Procurement has become a critical department within businesses across all sectors to ensure value for money, ethical and sustainable sourcing, and to meet contractual and legal obligations.   Contact us today if you would like to discuss how Procurement Gurus can help your business.

 Contract and Spend Analysis

Contract and Spend analysis are critical to understanding where your businesses money is going. 

By not fully understanding your spend and supplier landscape it is easy for rogue spend to take place. Procurement Gurus offer full Contract and Spend analysis services for your business to help understand where there are gaps and what can be done to plug them.

Procurement Gurus Limited are both ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 27001:2017 certified

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