Procurement Services for SME's

We offer full end to end procurement services including a complete outsourced procurement package, tailored to suit your business needs. We make setting up a procurement function easy and bring a guarantee to mitigate risk in terms of spend and contractual compliance. 
Our expertise and structured model take the hassle out of setting up your procurement team.
Procurement Gurus are sourcing experts and are a customer centric business with a focus on technology to help deliver outstanding results to our clients quickly.

We specialise in Outsourced Procurement Services

Our Procurement as a Service package is tailored to suit your business needs and has a working model that is fit for any industry type.

Our Procurement as a Service model outsources all or part of your businesses procurement function to Procurement Gurus and will transform your ways of working from tactical to strategic. This model is guaranteed to help mitigate risk and add value to your business through contracting and strategic sourcing while taking away the risk of a large initial investment.

The function is designed to become embedded in to your business day to day running through integration into your existing finance workflow approvals, adding an additional layer of spend protection. With the creation and implementation of a Strategic Procurement Policy the risk of rogue spend is further reduced.

The package includes a full time dedicated resource, complete analysis of your supplier base and spend. Creation of a Strategic Procurement Policy. Complete categorisation of your supplier base and spend. Creation of one or more category strategies depending on your requirements. 

Strategic Procurement

Most procurement functions are operating on a reactive basis, therefore hindering the full ability to realise value creation. The Procurement Gurus Procurement as a Service package will  transform your procurement function to a strategic unit. Contact us today to find out about how your business can move to a strategic way of working with a long term vision with Procurement Gurus.

Procurement Policy Creation

A solid Procurement Policy, if implemented correctly can have a major impact on the way your business purchases good and services. A Procurement Policy will help reduce unnecessary tail spend and create a good purchasing ethos for your business. A tailor made Strategic Procurement Policy will be created for your business as part of our Procurement as a Service package.

Risk Mitigation & Compliance

Through thorough analysis of market trends, current contractual and legal obligations and benchmarking - major risks such as bottlenecks, price increases, etc. can be identified and mitigations put in place. Contact us today to see how we can help your business with risk mitigation through Contract management with our Procurement as a Service package.

Category Management

In order for your procurement function to become a truly strategic, forward looking function - a Category Management approach and structure must be adopted. Our Procurement as a Service package will transform your current ways of working through the implementation of a Category Management approach. Contact us today to see how we can help your business.

Why  Choose to Outsource Your Procurement Function

Companies are choosing to outsource their procurement function to Procurement Management Companies as this option allows for them to focus their time on business development and core operations.

By outsourcing your companies procurement function you will be freeing up time for you key stakeholders to carry out critical business operations and focus on business growth and  development. 

You remove the risk of any large up-front investment or long term contracts by outsourcing your procurement function.  Outsourcing also reduces the risk of having to hire and train new employees.

By partnering with us you will have a single point of contact for all of your sourcing needs, and will be supported by an expert team.

Why and When to start a Procurement Team

This completely depends on where your business is at in its journey, what products and services you are purchasing and the spend levels. 

We feel that any company, regardless of industry with a spend of €20M or above should have a procurement function in place.  Having a methodical and structured procurement function can help your business by:

  • Lowering Costs
    • Negotiating better rates
    • Avoiding rate increases
  • Reducing Risk
    • Ensuring Contractual compliance
    • Improving supplier relationships
  • Increasing Transparency
    • Increased transparency through competitive sourcing using eRFX tools
    • Increasing supplier third party spend transparency
  • Sustainable Sourcing and Ethical Sourcing
    • Boost your businesses brand reputation
    • Help achieve your businesses CSR goals
  • Identify New Sources of Supply
    • Use technology to run competitive exercises to identify new suppliers
    • Identify various options, i.e. outsourcing vs insourcing , supplier consolidation, etc.

We provide information, procurement advice, managed procurement services and other procurement services. 

We are a customer centric business with a focus on utilising technology to help deliver outstanding results to our clients - we make sourcing simple!

Procurement Services for SME's

According to insights released by Bain & Company - on average, in any industry 43% of spend can be managed by procurement.

Therefore with an total external spend of €25M - €10.75M would be addressable. A 8 - 10% hard saving on this would mean an additional €860,000- €1,075,000 on your companies P&L.

 Procurement Gurus can assist your business in delivering a world class procurement team with our outsourced Procurement as a Service package. We have the knowledge and structured templates in place to make setting up your procurement function a relatively quick and simple task.

Contact us today if you would like to discuss how Procurement Gurus can help your business.

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